In person, Interactive Investment Journalism -  3IIIJ, Ltd.

We provide "boots on the ground" information regarding publicly traded stocks through investment reporting and then the publication of an online newsletter.  We focused our flagship newsletter on Singapore, Peru, Malaysia, Chile, Indonesia, and Colombia - the ASEAN and ANDEAN regions.  We are American and travel, preferring to examine in person the investments we make.

Volume 1 - May 2014


Emerging Markets - Cross Roads is our flagship newsletter.  In this issue, we report on a Singaporan health care company, which is growing value, and a natural resources Peruvian miner which offers growth.  In these articles, we will also extrapolate upon the markets of each featured stock in Waves and Stars sm sections.  We cover the economy in Singapore and Peru in this issue and examine investing abroad. 

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Report 1 - June/July 2014

Special Report #1 will focus on a conglomerate, which posted great earnings and more is yet to come. 

We travel to these locations, view the physical buildings and/or offices, and attempt to secure information regarding the companies as is publicly available by being there. 

Individual investors within the United States are often hesitant to invest in foreign markets because you don't live your day to day life seeing these companies, using their products, or seeing advertising for them.  We provide in person, interactive, investment journalism covering the ASEAN and ANDEAN regions.  We are 3IIIJ.

See the World One Company at a Time. sm

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